Products & Ingredients

● Are your products natural or organic?

Girl Crush believes that healthy skin care is part of a healthy lifestyle, so we use fresh and local ingredients and/or organic oils and butters. We source the kinds of fresh ingredients your grandmother used from her garden when she created homemade skin care products. When possible, we source organic oils and butters for our products. In most casesan ingredient is considered “organic” if it is certified organicand a product is considered organic if it contains at least 70% organic ingredients. We do not claim our products as organic because of this criteriaIf you read our labelsyou can see which ingredients are organic.

● How can I find out what ingredients are in a Girl Crush Co. product?

Just turn the package over and read our list of fresh and safe ingredients. Our ingredients are listed in descending order as required by the Federal Drug Administration. Sometimes our ingredient list may contain a n ingredient which you do not recognize, but is necessary for the safety and longevity of the product. For instance, lotions require a preservative (because of the water content) while butters do not. In this case, we would choose a preservative which is considered safe and even “natural.” If you find an ingredient that you do not recognize and wish to know more about the ingredient consider visiting www.ewg/skindeep to understand its safety rating.

● How long do your products last ?

Most of our products have a shelf life of one year, however, soap lasts much longer than this and can be safely used for years afterwards. In fact, soap typically gets more bubbly with age and lasts much longer in your shower as it hardens.

● Do your products contain sulfates or parabens ?

Our products do NOT contain parabens or sulfates.

● Are your products cruelty-free or Fair Trade?

We carefully select ingredients that have never ever been tested on animals or mined by children. We also source butters such as she a butter and palm oil from responsibly-sourced and managed farms that contribute and not destroy the local environment and people of the area.

What type of fragrances do you use in your products?

We use cruelty free, phthalate-free and paraben-free fine fragrances that are body safe and approved by the FDA.

● How do you source your palm oil?

The common definition for sustainable palm oil is any palm oil that has been declared certified sustainable (CSPO) by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). The goal of this nonprofit organization is to create a product that continues to support the lives of local growers, even as it's grown and harvested with a higher degree of sustainability in mind. We source from distributors who only stock RSPO pa lm oil. If you still object to the use of palm oil, we do have soaps that do not contain palm oil.

● What’s the difference between balms, butters, and lotions?

The difference that a consumer would notice immediately would be the consistency of the product. Butters and balms are much thicker and lotions are thinner. Lotions require a liquid of some sort to thin out the base butters so it can be dispensed by a pump or tube. Typically, distilled water is the majority of the liquid, but sometimes other liquids such as aloe vera juice and extracts are also added into the recipe to target certain problem areas. Crafters would then need to add an emulsifier to keep the lotion from separating. And, anytime a liquid is used, bacteria has the chance of being introduced so a preservative (organic or otherwise) needs to be added to the recipe. Lotions have more ingredients simply because of their composition, and have a lighter feeling on the skin making them ideal for hot weather and younger skin.

Butters and balms are an excellent choice to revitalize dry or sensitive skin, especially in cold weather. They are ideal for rough hands, heels , and elbows while feeling silky and beautifully scented. Because body butters contain harder ingredients like cocoa and she a butter, they’re naturally a little more moisturizing and protective against your skin drying out. These ingredients are called occlusives because they not only add in moisture, but they create a barrier that prevents more moisture loss. They do not contain any liquids; just the pure oils and butters making them a more “natural” choice. Body butters melt easily andtypicallya small amount can moisturize a larger area making them ideal for cold weather and dryer skin.

Body balms are a little thicker with their use of beeswax and have a waxy texture that can be rubbed into your skin thanks to the seed oils and butters included in its composition. Beeswax has a natural tendency to create a protective barrier to the skin and to soothe irritated and chapped skin such as work hands and chapped lips. Choose a balm if you have redness or itching.

● My product has melted. Can I still use this product?

Our products are naturally heat sensitive and should not be left in hot places such as a car or in a window. Typically , if you pull the product from the heat and place in the refrigerator, you can still use the product. It may not be pretty, but it will still serve its purpose.

● Why does my product look or feel slightly different than it did before?

All of our products are handcrafted and, as such, the final “look” can be different.

However, the product itself should be true to its purpose. Additionally, we are always striving to improve our products and make them better. However, we would not name a new product under an old name. If your product seems different, there may have been a mistake. Remember that we are handcrafted and that means, as humans, we can make mistakes. We want you to be happy, so please contact us to discuss any problems and we will do our best to solve the situation.

● I may have had a reaction to one of your products. What should I do?

Stop using the product immediately and contact us. While we are not responsible for any allergic reactionswe do list all our ingredients on our products, we do want our customers to have a good experience while using our products. We always like to know when there is an unexpected reaction to one of our products.

Product Manufacturing

 ● Where do you make your products?

We are lucky enough to make our products on a beautiful farm in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvaniasurrounded by beautiful fields and the sounds of happy farm animals.

Purpose & Mission

● How was Girl Crush Co. founded?

Girl Crush founderCandace Abel took her hobby of crafting bath and body products and created Girl Crush Company which uses their profits to support programing and employment opportunities for clients of Second Grace.

● What is your Mission?

Our mission is to make nutrient-rich, artisan bath and body products which support the employment, education and empowerment of Lancaster County at-risk, single mothers for a lasting transformation.

Payment, Shipping & Delivery

● How long does it take for my order to be processed?

We love to hear our adorable sale button jingle and typically run to ship quickly. Occasionally , we are closed or out at a show, but we always ship in - stock items in 2 - 3 days.

How will I know that my order has been shipped?

You will get a notification with a tracking number when your order has shipped. We typically ship by standard USPS unless requested otherwise by the customer.

● How do I return a product/order?

See Return Policy

What should I do if my order arrives damaged?

See Return Policy

● How do I redeem a gift card or promo code?

You will see a box marked “Gift Card” during the checkout process where you can enter your gift card number. The gift card amount should be credited against your total purchase price. If you encounter any issues, contact us at 717-875-8027.


Partnerships and Media

● I am a member of the media, bloggeror influencer. How do I contact you about product reviews or other information?

We would be happy to talk with you about our products and mission at any time if you contact our office at or call 717-875-8027.